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What To Do With Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

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by the Healthdex team

Taking the COVID Vaccine is an important step in ensuring your safety during the pandemic. Before you receive the vaccine, you are given a vaccination card. This helps keep track of when you took the doses of vaccine, what brand of vaccine you took, and where you took it. It is essential that you keep the vaccination card safe and secure because it will be needed to record your booster shots in the future. You will also need to show this card when you are travelling or working.

Then, how do you keep your COVID vaccination safe and secure? There are different ways or methods, one of which is lamination. There is a lot of debate on whether you should laminate your vaccination card or not. The benefits of laminated vaccination cards include preserving the card itself and preventing further damages. The disadvantages of laminated vaccination cards include inability to input additional information like booster shots and the possibility of the ink getting blurred or discolored over time due to heat or chemical changes from the plastic. If you do decide to laminate your vaccination card, we would recommend making sure it is not matte laminated since a glossy or reflective lamination is more durable compared to matte lamination and will reflect the heat, preventing the discoloration mentioned earlier. Additionally, we recommend laminating the vaccination card only when all information is complete since it is extremely difficult to add information in laminated cards.

If you choose to not laminate your vaccination card, there are other alternatives. One alternative is plastic card holders. You can choose to place your vaccination cards in sealed and waterproof plastic card holders to prevent further damages and losses. You can also choose to place your vaccination cards in leather card holders for a more durable material.

Another way of keeping your vaccination card safe and secure is to ask for a duplicate or personally duplicate it. This is to prevent the original card from getting lost or damaged. If you lose your original vaccination card, you will have to request for a replacement card from where you took your vaccine. The duplicate may either be physical or digital. We recommend having both, one digital copy and one physical copy. Once you duplicate your vaccination card, keep your original vaccination card secured in a locked filing cabinet.

If you were to share your vaccination card in social media, whether digital or physical copy, make sure to not leak any personal or confidential information. 

These methods can be applied to any vaccination or health related cards, not just COVID vaccination cards. It is important to keep our documents related to our health safe and secure to prevent giving your information to people that may take advantage of that information. 

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