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Make sense of all your health records data in one intuitive, organized, and searchable space.

It’s hard to manage several online portals, emails, & physical folders for your health records.

Ditch all the messy part. Healthdex makes sense of your health records so you can take action for your health now.

Search for records in seconds,
not 30 minutes.

No need to open 10 different folders just to find the right record. Find it in less than a minute.

View all records
that matter the most.

Spend less time organizing or looking for records, and more time on improving your health.

Uncover helpful
recommendations from your health records.

Easily share your records so doctors can understand your health condition and prescribe the most effective treatment. 

How it works

Managing your health records has never been easier

Download the app

Create an account and build your profile in a few minutes!

Upload your health records

Take a photo or upload your lab tests, prescriptions, vaccinations and other records.

Share it to your doctors and family members

Choose the records you want to share!

Your privacy matters the most

Your records. Your control.

Your data is always safe with Healthdex.
We never share your information to anyone. 

End-to-end encryption

We make sure your records are securely sharedto your doctors and family members.

Highest standards of security

We follow global security standards
to keep your health records safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep my records secure?

Our database where we store your records is HIPAA compliant. We also encrypt your records before storing your data to make sure only you have access to your health information.

How does Healthdex organize my health records?

With Healthdex, all health records are categorized based on type and you can view your records on a chronological manner (timeline layout), with the most recent records found at the uppermost part of the list.

What types of records can I upload?

You can upload several types of records, including:

1. Vaccinations
2. Consultations - For doctor prescriptions and certifications
3. Lab Tests - For bloodwork, kidney tests, X-Ray results
4. Procedures - For home care instructions, prescriptions
5. Symptoms - To track your mood and any symptom your feeling at the moment

Who can I share my records to?

You can share your records to anyone including your doctors, nurses, therapists, family members, caregivers, and friends.

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